Slone and Thompson is a sustainable brand by two aspiring, young teenagers. Recently we discovered the devastating effects that the fast fashion industry has on our fragile environment and on the lives of fashion workers, so Slone and Thompson’s aim is to create the sustainable future of fashion. We do this by rejuvenating the lives of old clothing and discarded materials, giving them a new innovative, fashionable look. To add to this vital cause we have decided to go 100% slow fashion starting now! In the past, we have indulged in purchasing fast fashion products not knowing the cruelty and harm that they generate behind the scenes. Therefore our goal is to buy only second hand and sustainable clothing or pieces upcycled in an eco-friendly assured practice. Slone and Thompson’s ethos is to create 100% unique items made from old materials, all with a story behind them. Our garments always portray an important cause to defend and raise awareness of global issues. 

This garment was made to emphasize the wastefulness of the fashion industry with consumers throwing away an average of 70 pounds of clothing per year. Fashion brands need to slow down mass production and eliminate the unsustainable ways of “fast fashion”. As consumers we all need to ask these questions before we buy something: Who made my clothes? What’s in my clothes? Where will my clothes end up in a few months? Do I really need this? What will the effects of this item have on the environment? This world needs to stop obliviously buying things we don’t even need because only 16% of donated clothes actually end up with new owners and the other 84% are thrown into landfills. So before you buy something think if you really need it long term or if it’ll just be added to the mounds of unwanted clothes in a few months. The future of fashion relies upon recycling and renewing old clothing, shopping at 2nd hand stores and finding sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices.

Therefore this waste-free jacket was assembled by cutting up discarded denim items and scraps of plaid fabric as well as an unused Calvin Klein sheet for the lining. These materials were later sewn together to create a patchwork fabric for the new coat design, to add to its sustainability, the buttons on the coat were bought second hand at a charity shop and the coat was made using an old blazer pattern that we manipulated into the shape of coat we wanted hence no new materials were purchased for this project.
If you are able, please consider making a donation to FASHION REVOLUTION or 1 % FOR THE PLANET to show support to Slone and Thompson and Slow Fashion.


If you would like to see more talented artists like Slone And Thompson, consider making a donation to Art For Activism HERE:

You can contact Slone & Thompson through Instagram: @slone_and_thompson



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