At AFA we believe that art is a key to peace and harmony. It is the one thing that links us all. Our mission is to share art from all around the world to raise money and awareness for different causes. We look for artists big and small, with one goal in common: they are trying to make an impact.

Emily Wilcox from WKU wrote: “Art is about being both receptive and responsive; working intuitively and ritualistically; being both creative and disciplined. It is about becoming more and more conscious. In art, there is no right or wrong; there is only what works — and what works is what is real, what is done out of a place of honesty and courage and integrity. If it works, you will know, because it is beautiful. “Beautiful” doesn’t mean “pretty”; it doesn’t have to mean it makes you feel good – some work is very intense and it disturbs you, but there is a certain integrity to it that makes it beautiful. And activism can be the same way.”

Art is often seen as “unproblematic”, as opposed to activism. Mixing the two is a means to find peace, while still making a change. Artistic activism is socially relevant, culturally creative, energetic, non-violent, and accessible.

AFA’s main goal is accessibility. Thanks to a free online website, where artists voluntarily submit their work, we hope to help art and impact reach a larger audience without socioeconomic barriers.

A 2012 study shows that teenagers and young adults of low socioeconomic status, who are involved in arts activities, have better academic results, higher career goals, and are more civically engaged. Art programs have the potential to help improve a student’s memory and concentration skills, develop decision-making and critical thinking skills, enhance communication and listening skills, but also encourage focus and discipline.

The impact of art on youth is also very powerful. Thanks to readers’ donations and community support, we hope to help make art accessible to all. In the long run, we are hoping to install free exhibits around the world, featuring the talented artists from our site. We would also like to donate funds towards public schools where art programs may suffer budget cuts, and towards refugee/immigrant centers where everyone can access art, free of charge. Trips around the globe for research on different causes, with an artist who will create, is another idea in mind.

These are longterm goals that all depend on the number of readers and donors that enjoy Art For Activism. Please consider donating to AFA here and sharing with your friends. Happy reading!