My name is Bhavna Khemka, and I have had a passion for art since my childhood. Having studied Business Management at The University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, it is only after I returned to India and took up art as a hobby, that I decided to paint full time. I have also done a short course on Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s London. I currently live in Kolkata, India and am an artist as well as an art curator.

My style of art is influenced by surrealism and pop art culture. Among my favourite artists are Senaka Senanayake, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol.

My preferred medium of work is pen and ink with acrylics. 

I enjoy travelling, going on safaris to wildlife parks, visiting beaches, and forests. There is a sense of tranquility and serenity in being away from the concrete jungle, exploring the beauty and diversity that nature and wildlife has to offer. On my travels I take photographs of the flora and fauna, and then paint them in my own style using various motifs such as floral and leaf patterns.

The effects of deforestation caused by mankind sadden me. Cutting down of trees leads to habitat loss for a wide variety of animal species. The plants which are food for many species are destroyed. Several species are also going extinct due to pollution and its effects leading to climate change. Hunting and illegal poaching is cruel and needs to be banned.

Through my art, I want to convey the urgency to address these issues. We need to be responsible for the actions of the human race and strive to help stop the adverse effects on the animal kingdom.

This piece depicts the damages caused by excessive cutting of trees. The animals are made using the silhouettes of trees to depict the interdependence of these animals on their habitat to sustain them. To save these animals we must save the trees and forests.

The changing environment around me inspires my animal paintings. I want to help give a voice to these helpless animals through my art. It is critical to raise awareness about how the rainforest cover, especially in the Amazon, is being depleted. Being an animal lover, I am deeply saddened and want to depict the beauty of our flora and fauna and the need to preserve them.

If you are able, please consider donating to People For Animals. They are an animal rights and welfare group run by activist Maneka Gandhi based in India.


You can contact Bhavna through Instagram: @artbybhavnakemka



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