My name is Julie Kitzes. I’m a former veterinary technician, animal advocate, and artist. I do illustration, graphic design, and fine art. I prefer working in traditional media and like to combine watercolor, ink, colored pencil, and acrylic in my pieces.

Ever since I was a child I’ve felt a deep connection to nature and especially animals. I originally intended to become a veterinarian and had been in studying that tract in college, but unfortunately developed a debilitating chronic illness that made the demands of veterinary work too unmanageable. I decided to pursue my hobby of art instead, but felt art for the sake of art was lacking passion for me, and have been dedicated to finding ways to help animals through my creative endeavors. 

Animals don’t have a voice and can’t advocate for themselves while humans run around committing atrocities, so someone has to advocate for them.

As a devoted animal lover, their welfare is so important to me and I strive to educate and inspire people about animal rights and the various plights they experience. My husband Peter and I are currently working on an illustrated book about these issues which range from things pertaining to domesticated animals like breed-specific legislation and why you shouldn’t declaw your cat, to wildlife and issues of the exotic animal trade, deforestation, and the effects of global warming on animals and the environment. The book will present these topics in the sense of informing, letting people know why they should care, and suggesting things they can do to help. We plan to sell copies and donate a large portion of the proceeds to a number of smaller animal welfare charities. 

You can also donate to big organizations like ASPCA or WWF, but I would encourage people to donate to their smaller local animal shelters/rescues, sanctuaries, and wildlife rehabilitation centers.

If you would like to see more talented artists like Julie, please consider donating to Art For Activism HERE:

You can contact Julie via email at, on Instagram @juliekitzes, or through her website:



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