I’m Lauren Cheng and I’m a painter currently living in Hong Kong. I paint mainly abstracts in acrylics and mixed media. 

I paint to explore the spiritual and emotional landscape within, intuitively using colors, marks, and textures to depict the struggle and triumphs within the journey of seeking inner peace and God. Ever since I was a young girl, I have wrestled with bouts of depression and anxiety, and the pain and grief I experienced caused me to fight harder to question the intentions of my emotions and the value of a spiritual walk. 

I have named my work Esora, which means “painting in the sky” in Japanese. This word is a gratitude to the most masterful, artistic, stunning work created by the One who inspires me most – God. His work inspires me every day. In the smile lines of my loved ones, or in the delicate sway of a dandelion, the gradient tones in a sunset, even in the strength of weeds growing through cracks in a sidewalk. All of them were created intentionally and wonderfully. 

My art is a reflection of the wholesomeness found in seeking light, love, and joy, and in the beautiful imperfection of that journey. In today’s anxiety-ridden world, inner healing needs to be made a priority and my goal is to inspire those who see my art to slow down, to reconnect, and to be courageous in seeking light to conquer our darkest fears.

If you like Lauren’s work and the cause that she is creating for, please consider donating to Art For Activism HERE: https://gf.me/u/ytpdqq



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