My name is Grace Finucan, I’m 19, and a fine arts/ art history double major at Pace University. I mainly work with mixed media pieces that tend to have a surrealist meets fauvist vibe to them. 

This piece is titled “No Justice, No Peace” and is a work of acrylic, gouache, and ink on watercolor paper. In this work you can see a group of Klan members sitting on bloodied chairs at a table while in the background the image of protestors and the chant “no justice no peace” is displayed. The KKK members at the table subtly feature two police officers as a method of portraying the rampant racism found not only in the American police system but America in general. 

I was inspired to make this because of a photo I saw circulating on twitter during the early days of the recent revolution. In the picture, you could see a group of white people partaking in brunch while protestors where on the street in front of them marching. It struck a chord with me because I truly felt that it encapsulated how white compliance and silence is violence. Seeing white people indulging in unnecessary luxuries while protestors were fighting for the lives of Black people in the street truly nauseated me and I felt that I had to make this piece. Those people were the prime example of white privilege and I wanted to showcase how harmful that passivity is.

This subject is important because for countless years Black people have been subjected to violent racism and prejudice in this country and nothing has been done to stop it. In America, these violently racist cops are never punished for murdering innocent Black people. As a white woman, I am lucky enough to be born in a body that won’t be racially targeted, but so many others aren’t and its truly disgusting that in 2020 people are still being murdered over their skin color.

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