My name is Maximillian Kular. I am a 16 year old Londoner living in France. I practice many forms of art such as music (drums), drawing, and painting.

This project is called “In situ” but the name of my piece itself is “Our hell”. I wanted to do an artwork that depended on its location to have a meaning. This work of mine goes on the bars of my school. It represents the negative side of school, the side that brings some student’s life to a tragic end. To many, school is a happy place where they hang with their friends, have good days… but to others, school can seem like a prison, a hell, a place they do not wish to be. This is the sole purpose of this work. The scale of the hands and the bars themselves is 1 (real size), to create a more realistic approach.

Throughout my life, many people, including myself, have been affected on a negative level due to school. It might not always be due to the school institution itself, but also due to the social side. Between rumors, pictures, mockeries, pressure… school is bound to be hard for everyone at some point, but some people don’t recover or forget as fast as others. And this can lead to people isolating themselves from everyone because they would rather not have friends than to risk living the same story that they were the victim of before. This can lead to students, kids, crumbling down under pressure from their parents, from their teachers…

All I’m saying is people struggle, people need help, and I think it’s time that there is more help for students in need.

An organization that does a great job at supporting young people and helping them cope with mental health is “Young Minds”. If you are able, please consider donating here:

You can contact Max through Instagram: @max.kulart



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