My name is Harper Slone, and I’m 18 years old. I’ve always had a certain affinity for nature and the outdoors. The beauty of the sublime has eternally awakened my soul and shown me the power of faith. When I’m amidst nature, I feel the most at peace. I’ve grown to nurture an attachment to the mountains and skiing, through growing up in the rocky mountains and the alps. Having this intrinsic connection has deepened my knowledge of the changing climatic environments, as I feel its impacts have affected me directly.

I believe that art can be a powerful medium to spark initiative for environmental awareness and conservation. It has a unique power to capture the spirits of individuals and give them inspiration and drive. All of my artwork is based upon raising awareness for the environment, it could be called “art activism.” Through art I want to explore, visualize and become more aware of my footprint and perhaps while doing so, I’ll encourage others to do the same.

I created my “Plastic Human’ in an effort to visually communicate how humanity has become reliant on single-use products. We have spent too long worshiping self-indulgence, over-consumption, greed, and power, with no regard for the sustainability of our existence. Right now, too many live a life overpowered by unconscious consumption.

During the 1950s in America, the concept of “Throwaway Living” was introduced by advertisers and product designers in an attempt to create a more convenient, innovative, and modern lifestyle. It meant that the mundane routines of fixing, repairing, and cleaning/washing were no longer an essential part of living. Societal values shifted during the mid-1950s and made throwing away single-use packaging and products part of our mainstream culture. Embracing this concept whole-heartedly because of its availability and the inevitable laziness of humanity, has meant devastation and the degradation of our planet.

Humans are the CAUSE of plastic pollution, but we can also be the SOLUTION. I created this sculpture out of plastic collected from a previous beach clean up along the Cap d’Antibes, and an old mannequin from a local store.

– No arms symbolize opportunities taken away from our next generations to protect and preserve the environment. 

– The concept of unconscious consumerism is displayed by the absence of a head.

– No legs symbolize the rising sea levels around the world.

My piece was inspired by the need to live in harmony with the flora and fauna, to be in balance with earth’s abundance of nature, to live sustainably, and to coexist. It reflects a deeply personal journey I have been upon, truly seeing and recognizing what our contemporary society has taken for granted. I have come to realize that my choices and decisions create actions and those actions have impacts.   

An organization that I take to heart is “POW – Protect Our Winters”. It is an athlete-driven movement to affect climate change. Their mission is to get everyone who loves the outdoors to become effective climate advocates.

If you are able, please consider making a donation to show support for Harper and other nature-lovers.


You can find more of Harper’s work on her Instagram @theartofharper



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